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Step 2: Getting a valued Proposition

Now that we have educated the investor about the problem and opportunity it has created.


They are ready to invest the next 15-20 min to know more.






It is time to introduce your product/ platform, how is it going to address the problem that you just educated them on.

What should the proposition convey?

Your Value

What are you trying to achieve with your product/ platform?

Can also be as an entity in the future.

| Your product

What are your offerings to your customers?


Why you or your approach is unique

Why/ how is your offering the best way to solve the problem? Is it your tech? Your positioning, maybe?

Don't do these 1. Harp on about monetization.

2. Jump into traction.

3. Say your pricing makes you unique.

4. Say features make you unique.

So don't be built on frills. Be built on substance.

Features sell on 'home shopping networks'. Not in retail. Investors don't want to invest in novelty businesses. So be ready to steer clear of 'feature' talk.

Here is what I know works


Using a 'smart' choice of words, marry your solution to the problem. Smart because it should feel like the only way to really solve the problem or capitalize on the opportunity.


Simplify your explanations (unless asked otherwise), your audience might not be as technically sound as you are and don't intend to be 'classroom'ed 3

Each slide must communicate one single message 4

Focus on how you are solving the problem. Monetization will come later and don't jump the gun. #startups #entrepreneurship #venturecapital


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