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Learning that the secret to great deals is solid storytelling

It has been almost 2 years working for Prequate Advisory and what I realized is that working in the management consulting industry gives you 10x more learning than any other jobs out there. We start seeing businesses from different perspectives simultaneously, often at different points of the same day: | As a customer

It is like watching the Premiere but before the movie is made.

| As the Entrepreneur

How can the vision be tweaked to scale this from Seed to IPO. |

As an Investor

The value, today and tomorrow.

How will this be the next success story?

But, one thing is common in all these perspectives though:

THE STORY As an entrepreneur, communicating your story effectively is a powerful skill because that story can win you your next big customer or an investor to believe in your vision. | Being consultants gives us that unique responsibility, to help entrepreneurs communicate their perspective to both these diverse sets.


The channel (weapon-of-choice) we choose though is a pitch deck or a financial model or both.

Over the next few weeks, I'll try and share my 2 cents of learnings at Prequate on how to make stories impactful.

Not the magic formula - there isn't one.

Pixie dust. Love to hear your thoughts on this.


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Leave a comment if you want me to cover any specific topic, I will be happy to cover that as well. #startups #entrepreneurship #consulting


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